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We’re on YouTube!

Meet a Family of Ohs

On October 26, 2018, we took the plunge and launched our family’s YouTube channel! We’ve been sharing our life on our blog here, as well as our social media channels through Facebook and Instagram. But we’ve been wanting to be able to reach a larger audience – and hopefully impact more people – so we made our first YouTube video. Continue reading “We’re on YouTube!”

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Will we have any more children?

Will we stay as a family of four, or will we grow?

Asking a family what size of family they dream to have, or if they plan on having any more children is pretty common. Families come in all sorts of sizes, and it isn’t bizarre to have someone inquire if you would want to add more children in your family. But what about the Ohs family, do we see our family growing? Will we have more than two children? Continue reading “Will we have any more children?”

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Family Photos 2018

Not hiding the feeding tube

For Maddison’s first birthday my wonderful friends gifted our family with a one-hour photo session with Rebecca Bennett Photography. I knew from the very beginning that we would not be hiding Maddison’s feeding tube. Maddison’s feeding tube is an extension of her body, and as much as Maddison is accepted, so is her feeding tube. Continue reading “Family Photos 2018”

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Insensitive Questions

“What’s wrong with the baby”

Some people don’t know the most respectful way to ask about Maddison ’s feeding tube. On our most recent trip to Kelowna we encountered that exact insensitive question, “what’s wrong”. But the man it was coming from was not asking it to be rude, he was genuinely curious, and quite nice. It may be that his generation doesn’t tip toe around the bluntness of questions they want to ask. Or maybe in his time things like disabilities weren’t as accepted or talked, so it would be viewed as something “wrong” with the child.
Continue reading “Insensitive Questions”

Mom Life

Toy Tidy

How to start a Toy Tidy rotation, and why it works

I am the kind of person who doesn’t just like organization – I thrive off of it. I love the satisfaction I feel when the job is complete. It makes me so happy to have everything organized in boxes and bins – I must take after my mother! (Thanks Mom!)

I like everything to have a home in my home. I find that with better organization comes more fluidity through my day, and thus less stress. Win/Win!

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