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Insensitive Questions

“What’s wrong with the baby”

Some people don’t know the most respectful way to ask about Maddison ’s feeding tube. On our most recent trip to Kelowna we encountered that exact insensitive question, “what’s wrong”. But the man it was coming from was not asking it to be rude, he was genuinely curious, and quite nice. It may be that his generation doesn’t tip toe around the bluntness of questions they want to ask. Or maybe in his time things like disabilities weren’t as accepted or talked, so it would be viewed as something “wrong” with the child.
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Tube Feeding

How To: Organize Tube Feeding Supplies

Making tube-feeding a little easier

There are a lot of supplies involved when your child is tube fed. Your home may be over run with all the syringes, tubes, and don’t forget the boxes and bags that the tube feeding supplies come in. And it’s not just feeding tubes, it can include other medical equipment (trach, suction machine, pulse oximeter, etc.), whatever you may get from your medical supply company. But if you have a organize system in place for when your order come in, it will make things flow a lot smoother. Continue reading “How To: Organize Tube Feeding Supplies”