Tube Feeding

Why we formula feed Maddison… for now

And why using formula doesn’t bother me

I have a strong belief that fed is always better than not. But I also believe that nutrition that comes directly from nature is preferred. I have been very blessed that my body produced milk for both of my children, but Maddison has almost always needed to be supplemented with formula feeding, and I’ve never been bothered by it.

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Tube Feeding

“How long will she have the feeding tube for?”

This is by far the most frequent, and hardest question to answer

People ask us all the time, “How long will Maddison need her feeding tube?” And I’m sure if you ask any other parent of a tube-fed baby they will say that it is the most common question they get asked too, along with “Why do they have it?” It really is the hardest question to answer, because there isn’t a straight forward answer. Continue reading ““How long will she have the feeding tube for?””