How to Prime Tube Feeding Bag

Priming the bag for use in an Infinity® pump

When preparing for a tube feed, one of the first steps is to do something called “priming the line” or “priming the bag”. What this refers to is filling the tubing of the feed bag with the liquid nutrition that is going to be fed. This way there isn’t air being introduced into the patients GI tract. But did you know there is more than one way to prime the bag? Some of them are faster than others.

Our latest YouTube video gives an in-depth look at a couple different methods on how to get the feed bag ready for the tube feed. We’ve also included some tube feeding tips and tricks, even including how to prepare the Infinity® bag to be used with real food.

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YouTube video

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From one parent to another,

Hopefully this video can help other parents out there who are learning about tube feeding. I know when we started tube feeding our daughter Maddison it was pretty intimidating. Thankfully I had people in my life that could help share some tips and tricks on how to make this process a little smoother. That’s why I want to pass what I know on to our viewers. It amazing how many people I meet that were using the prime button, and had no idea there was a fast-prime method! Or people who didn’t know you can adapt the bag for thicker liquids, like that is used in a blended diet.

Happy tube feeding!


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