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Toy Tidy

How to start a Toy Tidy rotation, and why it works

I am the kind of person who doesn’t just like organization – I thrive off of it. I love the satisfaction I feel when the job is complete. It makes me so happy to have everything organized in boxes and bins – I must take after my mother! (Thanks Mom!)

I like everything to have a home in my home. I find that with better organization comes more fluidity through my day, and thus less stress. Win/Win!

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Maddison Ohs, Special-Needs Parenting, Tube Feeding

Transitioning to J-Tube Feeding

I never thought I’d be happy about Maddison being hooked up to her pump 24/7

If you would have asked me a couple months ago my thoughts on switching Maddison from bolus g-tube feeding to continuous j-tube feeding my answer would have been, “no way Jose!”

Maddison hooked up to her feed pump all day long was something we¬†certainly didn’t want. But her reflux was so bad. So was the pump really worse than catching spit up in my hands all day long…?

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