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Family Photos 2018

Not hiding the feeding tube

For Maddison’s first birthday my wonderful friends gifted our family with a one-hour photo session with Rebecca Bennett Photography. I knew from the very beginning that we would not be hiding Maddison’s feeding tube. Maddison’s feeding tube is an extension of her body, and as much as Maddison is accepted, so is her feeding tube.

Maddison needs her feeding tube to have life and grow. It is the sole source of her nutrition. It’s not something I want her to be ashamed of, or feel like she needs to hide.

Read more about Maddison here.

I spoke with the photographer before the session to give her a heads up that Maddison does have a feeding tube and that we in no way will be treating it like it’s something that needs to be hidden or covered up.

The shoot

On the day of the photo shoot the weather was absolutely perfect. We picked a place close to home along the Vedder River in Chilliwack, BC. Spring was just emerging, and the temperature was perfectly mild. We had some slight cloud coverage which made the lighting really optimal. Both kids participated really well (and I’m not going to lie, we totally bribed Jackson with chocolate!).

We want to share some shots from the shoot. This is our family, embracing the tube-feeding life as something that’s totally normal:






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