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Iron on patches for feeding tubes

Unfortunately, when it comes to finding clothes for a baby with a feeding tube, it’s not one-size fits all. Thankfully I was introduced to Tummy Tunnels™ shortly after Maddison had her g-tube placed. The iron-on patches allow for easy adaption to most clothing to accommodate access for the feeding tube.

There has been many times that I have been walking through a clothing store and have fallen in love with an outfit for Maddison. But then there was this feeling of disappointment because the only reason I couldn’t buy it for her was the fact that it wasn’t feeding tube friendly. It’s disappointing enough that Maddison has to miss out on many things because of her special-needs, but clothing doesn’t have to be one of them thanks to these patches.

This is a post on how to use the iron-on patches by Tummy Tunnels™ to allow access through clothing for feeding tubes, and it is not sponsored.

Step 1

Put the piece of clothing on your child to get the most accurate placement. Take the Tummy Tunnel™ patch out of the packaging and place where you would like the feeding tube access to be.

Step 2

Using a permanent marker, make a mark in the centre of Tummy Tunnel™. This is so when you take the piece of clothing off to iron, you’ll know where to place the patch.


Maddison is on continuous, all day feeding. We don’t need access to the Mic-Key button, but we need a spot of have to tubing come out. I’ve chosen to place the Tummy Tunnel™ to the side, just below where we tape her extension down. This is where I will have the tubing coming out of her shirt.

Step 3

Remove the piece of clothing from your child. Turn your iron on to the cotton setting, and centre the Tummy Tunnel™ patch around the permanent maker mark.

Step 4

The instructions suggests to cover the patch with a thin piece of fabric to protect the patch detailing. I chose to use a thin muslim blanket as I ironed. Hold the iron on the patch for 15 seconds. Remove the extra fabric, then turn the garment inside out, and iron for an additional 15 seconds on the underside of the patch.

Step 5

Using a small pair of sharp scissors, cut the fabric out from the inside of the Tummy Tunnel™.

Step 6

Voila! The shirts now have a super cute spot for the feeding tube.

Washing notes:

These patches have held up to regular use without pulling away from the fabric. I wash them on a regular cycle with all the other laundry. However, I do recommend hanging the clothes to dry to avoid the risk of the patch loosening and coming off.

These patches come in a variety of different styles, and they don’t have to be just for babies. The ycan be used on any kind of clothing that can be ironed, and for any aged user, making tube feeding a little bit easier.

Check them out here: Tummy Tunnels™

This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Tummy Tunnels™.


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